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Aug 21, 2012 at 03:30 PM

SWF loader not working when using 'document link'



We have running BO 4.0 with SP2. We use Single Sign On (SSO) to be able to log in with Active Directory user automatically.

We developed a scorecard with Dashboard Design tool. Within the same have been introduced 4 SWF loader with application domain 'new'. To properly load the SWF loaders we concatenate a path openDocument + flashvar CELogonToken, which keeps the user logged in and password.

We tested a lot of paths of openDocument and only we got it to work the next:


After all, when the user opens the BI Launch Pad, through the SSO user is recognized and accessed. Then look in 'folders' and run scorecard. Everything works fine.

With all this, we doubt that having to use the variable CELogonToken because SSO is being used, but if we remove it, the containers are not loaded.

And finally, the most important problem is that when using 'Document Link' to access directly, SSO works correctly and open the scorecard but not loaded SWF loaders .

Does anyone have the same problem?

We tested also create a JSP file to pass the username and password, and although it works correctly, does not the containers are loaded.

We also tried to change the structure of the path openDocument ... and nothing!

Any solutions?

Thank you very much in advance.