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Aug 21, 2012 at 08:39 AM

SPL field and coding block


I 'm using SAP 4.6C, we have two special ledger Z1 and Z2, in GCL2, if I select Z1 and click coding block button, it shows GL account, business area, cost center, reference key 1.

if I select Z2, coding block shows: GL account, order, cost center. so my first question is how to change Z2 and add field reference key 1 in the coding block?

I checked OXK3, I find there is no customer include structure, but I didn't find reference key 1 appeared in append structure of OXK3.

my second question is how to list all the available field in ledger Z2?

My third question: if I want to add one field reference key 3 in Z2 after golive (we already go live two years). what steps need to be done?