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Aug 21, 2012 at 08:24 AM

Page Customization for Projects - How to hide extension fields depending on current phase


Hi all,

I'm trying to execute following requirement:

  • We have created 2 extension fields for Projects:
    • ApproverField_1
    • ApproverField_2
  • Depending on the phase, these fields must be hidden:
    • In phase1: both fields must be hidden
    • In phase2: only ApproverField_1 must be displayed.
    • In phase3: both fields must be displayed

To cover previous requirement, we are trying to use Page Customization feature. But we are not able to do it because we don't know which Project field is containing the current phase. I mean, in customization data for Project Page Customization, we have used following information:

  • Field Name: Field: ApproverField1
  • Property: Hidden
  • Value: Yes
  • Dimension on Parent: (empty)
  • Dimension Field: ???
  • Dimension Field Type: Value List
  • Value List Type: Project Phase
  • Dimension Value: Phase1

Regarding Dimension Field, we have used several tries but neither of them has been correct. Therefore, could you please help us on how this field must be filled? Which Project field should be used in that way?

Furthermore, is there any SAP guideliness available to be used on how to use Page Customization feature?

Thanks in advance for the help and support!

Best regards,