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Aug 18, 2012 at 01:23 PM

Error in the search view when new field is added using UI Config ..



I have tried to create F4 help for a custom field on Custom Component. ZBT_ORDER_Q ( Search Order Screen: BTQ1Order)

i have added the new custom field ( ZREASON ) using UI Config to the context node -> attributes.


I am able to find the newly created attribute in the context node -> attributes. But i could not find the same attribute in the Configuration tab of the view.

i am unable to find the reason for this ,... can any one pls help me on this


since i could not find the attribute in the COnfiguration tab, i deleted the field from the context node. but now when i test the Component, its throwing me the below error.

can any one help me how do i resolve this...


error_component.JPG (130.0 kB)