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Aug 17, 2012 at 01:16 PM

Daylight savings issue


Hi Experts,

I have an issue with the daylight savings with my companys CPS.

This spring, when the daylight savings changed, we dicsovered that CPS did not respect this, and we had to shift our running jobs one hour manually.

As far as I know, CPS should be able to take this change into account.

As a cicrumvention we have our frequently running jobs defined to run in 4 hours time windows(which are open or closed depending on the actual time).

Now, as a daylight change will happenb again this autumn, I want to be prepared for this.

Of course my preferred solution would be, that CPS plans its schedule correctly.

Do I have to upgrade my CPS?

Or do I have to change something on the OS of the server on which CPS is running?

Here are my system specifications:

CPS Version: Build:M33.10-45085

Server: AIX

AIX level and especially two concrete filesets are above the vulnerable range for the known issue with DST.

08:14:26 root@chwis232: /home/root

# oslevel -s


More information:

Anyway the Timezone is specified in POSIX format which caused problems in the past AIX levels. One option was to convert to different format of definition the Timezone (Olson format). It may fix your problem, so please approve the change to Olson format (reboot required).

More information:

Basically we have option 2 of the linked note implemented (what was actually linked in the SAP note you sent me originally)

But IBM still recommends to change the timezone type.

According to SAP Help documentation, CPS uses Olson Timezone tape:

This does not mean that it is necessary that OS has also Olson Timezone type.

I cannot estimate the possible impact, but think that negative impact cannot 100% be excluded.

I am open for suggestions(Do I have to raise an OSS note??)