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Aug 17, 2012 at 08:46 AM

restricting simulation and creation of OU/S/P on a future date



I have a query with regard to Org structure .

My query is with regard to future changes and simulation in the org struucture. For example if I am making some changes on existing OU/S/P as on future dates or if I am creating a new OU/S/P, it SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED BY EVERYONE in PPOSE/PPOS_OLD/PPOME/PPOM_OLD. Only one or more users who are making the changes can view it.

Once the business says yes to the simulation done to org structure then it has to be made visible to everyone for further actions.

Intially I thought we can restrict it through authorisations. But we could not do so.

I have proposed another resolution to business. The proposal was to create an alternate plan version. Create the future org units and positions. Once the alt. plan is finalised then it will be copied to current plan version and hence it could have been made available. But there are few issues with this proposal. Firstly if I create new OU/S it will create new objects in the new PLVAR which business doesnt wants. Secondly even if I make an alternate plan it can be viewed by going into the settings. Third if i have to do simulation of existing OU/S then I will have to copy the current PLVAR to alt PLVAR and then do the changes and then to the reversal process. There is lot of manual activity hence this proposal was rejected.

Another though I have is we have different status in PP01 like active, planned, submitted, approved, and rejected. In the current PLVAR itself we can created new org units under planned status instead of active. But I am not sure how to make the planned OU/S active. Please help me in this query

Also I would like to know how can I do a simulation in the existing org structure on a future date without being view by every one.

Thank you very much for providing your valuable suggestions.

Kind regards