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Aug 17, 2012 at 05:43 AM

STR not generated during Location consolidation in GATP?


Dear All,

I am working on the scenario of location consolidation in GATP.

Transportation lanes have been created for the supplying location to destination location.

Respective rule has been created in the rule maintenance along with the proper master data.

During sales order creation it confirms the quantities in the supplying location.

But I am not able to generate the STRs for the same.

e.g. Loc1 is the location where all the stocks are to be accumulated. Customer will be supplied from the location LOC1. The 2 other locations LOC2 and LOC3 supply goods to LOC1. During SO creation it is confirming the requested quantity from LOC1. This location is going to be replinished by LOC2 and LOC3.

But I am unable to see the STRs created from LOC2 and LOC3. Even there is no data for conversion from ATP tree.

Could any body help me on this?

Is there any specifc conguration / master data / SAP notes are mssing?

We are working on SCM 5.0.

Thanks & Regards