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VF31 is going for Logout.

Dear All

I need your guidance in coming out of this issue.Please suggest.

Recently we updated our PRD system with some patch updations & Sybase update.

we moved from Sybase version to & we moved from support package SAPKH60504 to SAPKH60515 as a mandatory GST enabler suggested by SAP.

But once updated the system -our users are unable to take the mass bill printing with VF31/VL71.

Once any user kept some 100 invoices for printing with the inputs like condition type,Processing mode-then system is getting Logged out without giving any warning.

(we tried taking in 10-10 invoices each-same issue-but very occasionally we are getting 3 to 4 prints out of ten entered-Just for your info-These invoices are printed once & user taking for second time for department submissions)

we are help less to find out the reason for this unexpected log-out by system.

Our basis guys telling that issue with SAP GUI and need to update from 720 to 730.

Being a functional guy-how to check this issue & Please Guide me.



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4 Answers

  • Jan 03, 2017 at 08:19 AM

    If this is really a SAP GUI issue, then install the new SAP GUI version on a test PC and check with the same data and user if the problem persists. By the way, I think, the support of 7.30 ended already, have you considered upgrading to 7.40?

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  • Jan 03, 2017 at 09:04 AM
    Being a functional guy-how to check this issue & Please Guide me.

    Don't really understand why you still wanted to check when the concerned (right) team has already given the root cause of the issue. If you are not confident of your Basis teams' findings, raise an OSS message with SAP who can guide you to overcome from this issue.

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  • Jan 03, 2017 at 09:43 AM

    Is it in your company the task of the functional consultant to download the newest SAP Gui? Who does it then for the end users? Usually new SAP GUIs are rolled out to all users at the same time, like it is for new updates and patches for your Microsoft applications and virus Software. Shouldn't it be in the responsibility of the "Basis" team to force this rollout?

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  • Jan 03, 2017 at 10:58 AM

    To Veselina:

    Firstly thank you for helping me -I just want to know the process from the seniors like you before confirming as GUI issue.

    I want to know the trouble shooting process for this immediate log out without any warnings.

    730GUI support stoppage issue is not aware to us-let me discuss with my basis team-thank you for this information.

    To Lakshmipathi:

    Firstly thank you for your helping hand which enable me to meet the requirement.

    I am so confident on my basis team findings(needed while working in a team)-but i want to confirm GUI was the only reason of this issue.

    Yes-i asked this query in SCN-if not answered left with final option of OSS message. Prior to that i want to confirm from the seniors like you.

    To Jurgen:

    Firstly thank you for the help-which shows your never-ending helping nature.

    At our client-Normally functional guys are not much involved for GUI update.Our Basis Team/Infrastructure team will send the relevant links to users & update in user desktops by taking remote options.Yes-sharing the responsibility is much needed in Team work-i cant throw on my basis team for this issue-but as mentioned earlier want to confirm the process of check from your expertise.

    Any suggestions from you-i am open to go with.


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    • as Veselina already said, 720 GUI is quite old and not up-to-date.

      we are also quite late with changing the GUI as we have so many SAP products with different release levels that we can't be first when a new GUI is released. It has to be tested with any environment and some users may still have to use older GUIs until their product is upgraded.

      However, if an upgrade caused an issue like you described and you know that you are far behind with GUI updates then I would really do a test with a newer GUI.

      (if you have some funny colleagues kidding you from time to time then I would check in SE93 transaction if your VF31 transaction got changed to log you off )