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Need to use Ship To Customer address from Customer master for edi orders

All I've been searching Google and SAP for over a week trying to find an answer.  I didn't want to take peoples time for something that was already solved. Since I couldn't find anything, here is some background to help you understand the issue.

1) We receive IDOC files from a third party who handles EDI mapping to ORDERS05 for us.

2) A couple of our customers have multiple stores with quantity's on a single order detail line. So one line could have a total of 500 each but the same line has different quantities going to a store right on the detail line. This is of course in the EDI 850 file.  Because of this the order is split into multiple orders and separate orders05 files are sent to us.  The PO number is changed to "Parent PO Number@store number" this PO will have all the lines from the parent PO for this store.

3) To send an ASN back to the customer, we must roll up all of the orders into a single delivery which will provide a combined delivery we can send an asn off of.

We are having difficulty getting the order combination to work for these orders.  What are finding is even though the physical shipping address is the same for all orders as viewed in VA03 if we look at VBPA-ADRNR there is a different (very large 9000000000) number that appears.  This number is different than an order we enter by hand with the same ship to address. It feels like the system is creating a new address for each address from the ORDERS05 file even when it is already there. Going back to the EDI order, we find CEPOK shows as E indicating it was manually entered.  I assure you it came through the EDI process and has not been touched. Each one of these orders created off of the parent show a different ADRNR number.  This is all seen on the record with the function column of SH.  The kicker is the customer number on the SH line is the same for all of the orders brought in by EDI ie the one mapped in VOE4.

We are looking for a solution where the number will be the same, so we can combine into one delivery.  We feel like there must be a configuration setting that will tell the EDI process to take the address information from the customer master data that is associated to the KUNNR field in VBPA which is the correct Ship To customer.

Can anyone offer some help with how to get the Ship To Customer Addresses to be the same?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Pat Story

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2 Answers

  • Aug 15, 2012 at 11:14 PM


    the very first idea is if you create a new custom type ,say, ZORDERS5 and put some extra logic to get that "...from the customer master data that is associated to the KUNNR field in VBPA which is the correct Ship To customer"..



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      I finally have a solution.  For the sake of completeness I thought I'd respond back to this question. I fund that if I remove all of the information in the E1EDKA1 WE segment with the exception of the LIFNR (Trading Partner ID) and PARVW my problem is solved.  Without this information SAP will use Master Data as we need.

      The down side is if we had a customer that purchased from us that needs to ship to one time customers, drop ships etc we would have an issue.  For us we can just suppress the info and we're in business.

      Hope this helps someone else along the way.

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    Oct 12, 2012 at 12:47 PM


    VBPA-ADRNR = 900....* means partner function with manual address.

    In other words, that partner address has been manually changed in that precise order. VBPA-ADRDA should also be different than A or D.

    It should be B,C, E or F.

    This is the main reason why corresponding customer master KNA1-KUNNR points to a different address number.

    This question should have reached ERP sales and distribution instead of Customer/Vendor master

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