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Aug 15, 2012 at 05:50 PM

Sender File Adapter Scenario - Optimization


Hello All,

We have a scenario File - PI - ECC. We have 13 different sender file communication channels (13 different schema's file schemas used). Our goal is to create the scenario with minimal objects i.e least number of Receiver Agreements ,Sender Agreements,Receiver Determination & Interface Determination.

We tried the following :

1) One sender interface with 13 operations. But on the sender agreement side the object is not allowing us to create Sender agreement since we are using :- Same Party : Same Service : Same Interface (The multiple operations are ignored here) and they can only be tied to a single comm channel. Other option is creating seperate communication components but the problem is that we will have to create 13 RD and 13 ID & 13 RA & 13 SA.

Is there a way around this issue ?

The feature of multiple operations is not helping us in reducing the number of objects on the configuration side. Any recommendations on it ?