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How to create parameter input for accepting user choice in C4a?

Jan 03, 2017 at 05:04 AM


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We have the feature of Input Control where we have dropdown on values of a particular column in the model. Checking/Unchecking will filter the the results shown in the data.

But what if we need to accept from user some dummy choice which is not a part of the model... eg: Enter Top 'N' of your choice... so I want to accept the value of N from user & accordingly change my visualization.

Is there any way to implement this?


Kiran Shenvi

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John Leggio
Jan 12, 2017 at 08:41 PM

Hi Kiran,

Currently the Top N feature of charts cannot take input parameters.

I suggest you create an enhancement request here:

However you can change the Top N value in a chart. See screenshot:

Is that what you are looking for?


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Henry Banks
Jan 04, 2017 at 03:39 PM


Please could you elaborate a little on your requirement? This sounds like a really interesting requirement but i need your help to understand it.

My concern is that if an 'invalid' member record is selected (i.e. value not present in the dimension's masterdata table) then the chart would hit an intersect with "no available data" and the visualisation would return blank.

Or are you hoping for a type of filter control where users can enter a value using a manual input? (i.e. keyboard strokes)

Regards, H

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Hi Henry,

Thanks for your response.

The user requirement over is exactly to avoid the "no data".

Assume we have series of visualizations which shows

1. top 5 cities with highest Sales

2. top 5 products with highest Profits

3. top 5 customers with highest spending

During development the value for Top N can be set by the developer, but what if then the user is interested to change the view to say

Top 10 or 20 or 30. Alas, we get stuck over since the end users has not text box available where he can input the number of his choice.

Back to the developer he will have to change it and keep changing the hard cording.

But what we have seen in other BI tools, there is a provision to create Parameters of integer/string/date types.

These are like dummy input controls which are not linked to any column of the model. Hence, using them doesn't impact the data shown.

They are there to just receive the input and store the values in a temp variable. This variable can then be referenced any where in other calculations or controls to dynamically change the nature of visualizations based on users choices.

There can be other uses cases as well... Hope this one helps!


Kiran Shenvi


I don't understand this scenario-- If someone wants to see the top 10 or 20 instead, they can, just as a viewer of the document. That Top N functionality isn't limited to the story designer-- You can actually input your own values in there as the story consumer.


Hi Jacob,

I absolutely agree with you!

I will try explaining this scenario with a simpler example.

Suppose there are multiple visualizations on the same page on which ranking has been applied say "Top 10".

If the user now wants to see top 20 then he will have to manually go and edit the designer for all the individual visualizations (manual efforts + time consuming) . Instead if there was only one input box where he could enter this number and this value could from the control could be read by the "Top N" of the chart it would work for all in one go.





One more real world example, lets says we have a text box titled "No of Weeks" presented to user which accepts a number.

Based on this value, the start date is computed as 'X' weeks prior to current date and the model pulls only those relevant records.

Thus, we save the user efforts in thinking and picking up of calendar date range.


Kiran Shenvi