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Aug 15, 2012 at 12:15 PM

BP Role Categories for Dealers.


Hello All,

As per the requirement of the client we need to have two different number ranges one for prospects who would be converted into sold to parties and then pushed into the ECC box, the second would be for channel partners who would be mapped as dealers, in dealers also we would be creating the dealers as prospects first and then converting the prospects into sold to parties , my question is for prospect we would be using the standard bp role categories BUP002 and copying the same into Z assuming ZUP002 and for sold to parties we would be copying the standard role CRM002 into ZCRM002, for dealers who are my channel partners do I need to use the standard role PRMP or should I use the sold to party role which is CRM002? I ask this because would there be any issues in customer replication from CRM to ECC if I use the role PRMP

Kind Regards