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Aug 15, 2012 at 09:49 AM

GEOMAP structure is not working in IPAD for SAP BI 4.0


Hi Experts,

I am just trying to demonstrate the features available in BO mobile (ipad).

I am trying to use the GEOMAP feature in IPAD, but i couldnt' get the geomap structure in IPAD.

Environment: BI4.0 SP02 FP15

I followed the steps in BO_mobile guide. Here are my steps to reproduce and let me know where i need to correct.

1. Created table in database (sqlserver) with below fields and datatype.

nameoffiled datatype

id integer

poi_name varchar(20)

lat float

long float

city_name varchar(30)

prem_amount integer

2. Then i have inserted sample data like below

insert into table values(1,'LOS ANGELES',34.05,118.24,'LOS ANGELES',32000)

3. Created universe on top this table and made prem_amount as measure object. (all other objects are dimensions)

4. Created webi report with simple vertical table using all above objects in same order.

5. Right click on table>>table format>> Changed the name to ";map_lt(3),lo(4)_poi(2)"

(i have tried by using ";" character and without it as well and it didn't help)

(i didnt' use od and imu parameters as these are optional).

6. When i save and see this report in ipad, i still see this as normal table but not as a map.

I have few questions,

-What is datatype of respective fields (poiname,latitude,longitude) to store in database.

-Should i modify anything while retrieving the data.

I think my mistake may be how i am inserting the data or table schema in database

Please provide your suggestions.