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Aug 15, 2012 at 07:03 AM

Problems with manually entering batch split in delivery (system message LB 046)


Dear forum

We have a delivery in which the batch determination for a material is already performed.

However, we are not happy with the batch determination for the material, so we go into the batch determination (in transaction VL02n) for that material (by pressing the Batch Split button for the selected line item in the delivery).

Then we enter the batch split details screen and press the "New Batch Determination" button.

Then the Batch Determination SD: Select Batches screen appears and we manually start to enter quantities for the batches we would like to include in the batch split. All the batches are available in stock.

And now comes the problem:

For Material A we have a batch 24084 which has a batch split quantity of 8547 EA (this quantity has been determined by our batch determination-the batch search selection criterias)


When we manually try to change this value to a lower value (becuase we do not simply want to ship the 8547 EA, instead we want to ship 4356 EA of this batch to our customer), the system sets it back to the 8547 (the higher number) with the system message:

"The available quantity of batch 24084 was corrected to 8.547,000 EA

Message no. LB046"

Why is the system forcing back our manually entered value to the original values?