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Aug 14, 2012 at 09:54 PM

Unable to view Information spaces/views on iPad


All content can be viewed using the Explorer application from the BI

Launch Pad. However I can't see any of the content created using

Experience app on the iPad.

Exploration views and favorites are empty, Information spaces tab does

not appear at all.

I'm using Experience 1.0.2 for the iPad. I recall this occured in Explorer 4.0.6 too, before I upgraded to 4.0.7 (which doesn't support sp04).

The BO version is 4.0 sp04 which was updated from sp02. explorer is sp04 as well.

I have created information spaces and exploration views in a public

folder. I've tried creating both using the "Manage Spaces" for an excel

file on the server and by uploading a spreadsheet via the home tab. I'vetried copying the content to the user's personal folder.

The content was created using the Administrator account, which is also

the account I'm using to connect from the iPad.

Any help would be appreciated.