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System copy using ( Win 2003 + SQL 2005)


I want to do system copy by using our quality system (QAC) to new target system which will be DAC (Development system).

The resources which my client has are Windows 2003 and MS SQL server 2005 with enough disk space & RAM, and CPU strength is also good.

The source system is ECC 6.0 ( ERP 2005 SR 3 / BASIS Rel. 700 / Kernel level 254), and we want to go for system copy using SQL attach / dettach database specific method mentioned in system copy guide (systemcopy_70_sr3_abap.pdf)

I have already referred following documents for the same.

1.  systemcopy_70_sr3_abap

2.  Note 151603 - Copying an SQL Server database

3.  Note 1480785 - Creating a Modified Windows Kernel DVD

The question which I have are as below

1. Do I need to go for modified kernel DVD as mentioned in Note 1480785, as standard installtion of ECC 6 gives kernel level 144 where as my source system is having kernel level 254

2. I am referring Netweaver guide as there is no system copy guide for ECC 6

3.What are the additional post steps I need to do after sysem copy

4. Finally what all things I need to take care as a precaution except source system Back-up.

Thank you for your response.

Best Regards,


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    Aug 14, 2012 at 02:49 PM

    Backup your Source database to a flat file and use that to restore your Target database.  If your source is on a different Kernel version, then you should replace your Target with this as well.

    Please go through these links to familiarize yourself with System Copies.


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    • Hi,

      Finally I installed my second development system using homogeneous system copy.

      This is ECC 6.0 SR 3 MSSQL+WinNT Central instance homogeneous system copy, we have followed database specific system copy, so skipping Source system export.

      As you know we already had one system install (DEV)on concern Host, and I installed another DAC system. I approached following way.

      > shut DEV system take its normal backup if require

      > take flat file bkp of target server (QAC), shut SAP instance first then take restart of database twice and then again shut it. After that simply use copy paste command of windows. No need to use any sql specific attach dettach method.

      > usr/sap bkp of DEV system

      > registry bkp DEV system, if require

      > create system restore point, if possible

      > install DB instance on DEV host as a SQL named DB instance (DAC)

      > attach QAC data files to newly DAC DB instance (rename flat files for eg. QACDATA1 to DACDATA1 for all the files including log), also create respective directories and store flat files there. After that attach datafile with below query, For eg..

      use master






      > now your database is ready, then begin SAPinst.exe and follow MSSQL system copy selection

      Software life cycle-> system copy->MSSQL server->Target system installation->Central system->Based on AS ABAP->Central system

      >you can see schema is still of target server, let it be. SAPinst will change that during execution

      > After completion of SAPinst, DAC system got ready for post processing.

      Reference documents are : Netweaver 7 SR3 system copy guide for Windows+SQL

      and Note 151603 - Copying an SQL Server database. 

      It was the fastest installation and we used old installation master DVD which had kernel level 144 which I upgraded later and did post steps successfully.

      Thanks Ravi your inputs were really helpful.

      Best Regards,