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Relation between Numbering Series, Posting Period and Period Indicator


Every financial year, we create new Period Indicator, Posting Period and define new Numbering Series and link it to the new Period Indicator. Like this, for Journal Entry, I have got Numbering Series for FY2015, FY2016 and now FY2017.

However, I noticed that if I do not Lock the numbering series for previous years, I can still create documents in the current date using any of the old numbering series. Example, for 3-Jan-2017, I am still able to select the series FY2015 from the Series dropdown when creating a Journal Entry, and I am able to add the document.

If the old numbering series is not locked, they can still be used for the current posting period. Then what is the use of Period Indicator field in Numbering Series setup and in Posting Periods setup? I was under the impression that only numbering series with the same period indicator as the one define in the posting period (as per the document's posting date) can be used, but it does not seem so.

I have tested this on 9.1 PL05.


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2 Answers

  • Jan 03, 2017 at 04:31 AM


    Go through SAP Notes 1052551 & 1050246 explaining about Period Indicator, Posting Periods.



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    Former Member
    Jan 03, 2017 at 08:45 AM


    Some times you need to book the expense or receipt in the new period against the base transaction which was punched in the old period.

    Also some times closing entries are to be done or AP invoices arrive late. By keeping all these practical things series does not get locked implicitly on change of a financial year. There are authorizations wherein as per the rights users can punch the transactions.

    If you have a look at the posting periods window you will find period status options. The explanation is as follows

    Assign to the posting period the required status:

    Unlocked – All users, with respect to their authorizations, can post all types of transactions and documents to this period. This status is assigned by default to new posting periods.

    Unlocked Except Sales – All users with respect to their authorizations, can post to this period all types of transactions and documents, except for documents of the Sales – A/R module. Assign this status once the period ends, but there are still purchasing documents, such as late A/P invoices, and other transactions that should be posted to this period.

    Period Closing – Users with full Period—End Closing authorization can post to this period all types of documents and transactions. Assign this status to the period if the following conditions apply:

    • The period has ended.
    • All late transactions have been posted.
    • Only year-end closing remains to be done.

    Locked – Neither documents nor transactions can be posted to the period. Assign this status to the period after all adjustments have been posted and the year-end closing process is complete for this period.

    Archived – Neither transactions nor documents can be posted. This status is assigned automatically by the data archive wizard. Using the data archive wizard, you can archive previously locked periods that are at least two years old.

    Hope I am able to answer your query



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