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Aug 13, 2012 at 12:05 PM

Scheduling Webi Reports


Dear Folks,

Greetings 😊

Please help me in giving answers rather solutions for the below question which I came across in couple of interviews :

1. I had an excel saved in my local desktop and I need to build a report on that excel sheet and that report should be scheduled to the specific users. How can this be done? Is it possible to do it without creating an universe?

2. Say for example, If you have users in Germany, Spain, China and English; how can I built/schedule my report in such a way that the user should open the report in his language, I mean User from Germany has see the report in German Language, Spanish user should see the report in spanish and so on ...

3. Say for example we have a report and that report should be scheduled in such a way that only that user has to see his own details not the details of others ... something like pay-slip which we will be getting to our respective mail Ids ...

Many Thanks,