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Aug 13, 2012 at 02:47 AM

External email config



I am configuring the SAP External mail. I followed SAP notes 191470.

These are the settings for external email:

When using external mail, the following basic settings are required:

1. You must maintain an e-mail address in the address in the vendor master.
2. The same applies to your own user master. You also have to specify an e-mail address there in order to identify the sender.
Note that it is not possible to change the e-mail address of the vendor via the SAP purchase order transaction (ME21N, ME22N, and so on).
You can only make a permanent change using the vendor master transactions XK02 or MK02.
You can use a temporary email address in Transaction ME21N.
3. For the output type for default values, a communication strategy needs to be maintained in the Customizing that supports the e-mail. You can find the definition of the communication strategy in the Customizing via the following path: (SPRO -> IMG -> SAP Web Application Server -> Basic Services -> Message Control -> Define Communication Strategy). As a default, communication strategy CS01 is delivered. This already contains the necessary entry for the external communication. Bear in mind that without a suitable communication strategy it is not possible to communicate with a partner via Medium 5 (external sending).
4. Use the standard SAP environment (program 'SAPFM06P', FORM routine 'ENTRY_NEU' and form 'MEDRUCK') as the processing routines.
5. In the condition records for the output type (for example, Transaction MN04), use medium '5' (External send).
6. You can use Transaction SCOT to trigger the output manually. The prerequisite for a correct sending is that the node is set correctly. This is not described here, but it must have already been carried out.
7. To be able to display, for example, the e-mail in Outlook, enter PDF as the format in the node.

I am done with 1, 2 & 3. I could find the processing routines to enter the (program 'SAPFM06P', FORM routine 'ENTRY_NEU' and form 'MEDRUCK').

Could you please help me where I can find the processing routines in the SPRO to enter these configurations.

Thanks for you help.