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Aug 12, 2012 at 11:46 PM

File Adapter: Attachments


Hello All,

My scenario is a simple File-->PI-->Proxy scenario with attachments.

The options I have for this scenario are:


Create 2 separate files - one with main XML data and another containing the Attachment data. Then use Sender File Adapter to pick main XML file and include the Attachment files using Advanced Mode in File Adapter and pass the message to Proxy .



Convert the Attachment data into Binary format(Base64 encoding) and include this also in the main XML file. Thus I will have only 1 XML containing both data and Binary(Attachment) and hence only 1 file to deal with in Proxy.

Since both these alternatives are possible, I wanted to understand if they score better than the other on the following criteria:

1> Which alternative has faster message processing time in PI. Assume no mapping is needed.

2> Will encoding(Base64) increase the file Size and hence increase file transfer time within PI

3> On the Proxy side, is it easier to handle attachments or Binary(Base64) content

4> Again on Proxy side, are their any known issues while de-coding the binary Data. Do we have standard SAP Methods/Functions to decode encoded binary data and if they are dependent on SP of ECC..

Apart from these are their any other issues/factors which I should consider in deciding the better alternative.

Many Thanks