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Jul 01, 2005 at 01:33 PM

PCUI/EP: Edited Object Stays Locked



I keep on getting an error massage:"Object is locked by you". It appears always when I select an object in any PCUI application, log out, login again and select the same object, for example: Business Partner in CRMM_ACCOUNT application.

I tested this in portal and without any surprise it works exactly in the same way, as without portal.

It doesn't matter whether after logout from the portal, I close the internet explorer window or not.

The session stays opened - what I checked in SAP GUI, in the TA: sm04(session type: Plugin HTTP).

The locked object is unlocked after some time (as defined in portal in Lock parameter) or I have to kill the opened session directly in the application server.

Did anybody find out, whether there is any way to control the lock in this way, so when a user closes his/her IE session, the object is unlocked?

any help, suggestions are very welcomed,