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Aug 10, 2012 at 10:14 AM

Error in CJ9L - Work center XXXX in plant XXXX has no cost center


I get the below ERROR when executing CJ9L.

Work center TRNG in plant 1000 has no cost center

Message no. CK130


In the routing for this material, operation 0010 (and possibly sub-operation ) points to work center TRNG in plant 1000. However, no cost center has been assigned to this work center. (Activities are valuated using the activity prices in cost center accounting to calculate the planned costs for an operation.)

System Response

The system cannot calculate the planned costs for the operation.


Check the master data for the work center and assign a cost center to the work center.

The material number is in the costing log.
Check routing

I cross checked that a cost center has been assigned to the Work center under ‘Costing’ tab, validity of Cost center & Activity type. However, it seems actual costs are being posted against the Network-Activity, but not planned costs.

In CJ20N, the Network – Control tab has ‘2 Determine Plan costs’ selected for ‘Plan cost calc.’

Q-1: Why is it that the planned costs are not being calculated?.

Q-2: How can I overcome this error and successfully run CJ9L?.

Please guide.