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Aug 09, 2012 at 09:55 PM

Adding a custom Tab to the tabstrip in VD01 under salesarea tab



I am trying to add a new custom tab in VD01/XD01 under Sales area tab.(Right now Sales area tab is having 5 tabs and i am adding 6th tab). i am in ECC6.

I have followed the steps provided in the forum but my new tab is not triggered..pls let me know what went wrong.

1) Created new function group with Screen 9001 and i have not written any code on it. instead i put a break to see whether it triggers or not.

2) Extended KNA1 with custom fields

3) Created Enhancement implementation for BADI's CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA & CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA_CS and put a break points in methods CHECK_ADD_ON_ACTIVE(Break triggers) & GET_TAXI_SCREEN. Activated all implementations

4) after going to VD01, no custom tab is displaying..

Pls let me know where i went wrong or share me if you have different approach.