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Aug 09, 2012 at 02:56 PM

Assign Web Dynpro-component to BPM task: Component not found in Task Editor


Hello everyone,

I was working at the simple BPM-beginner-tutorial "my name age" and was facing the following problem. Maybe some other beginner like me will face the same (kinda addlepated) problem, so I want to share my simple solution.

What so far I had done:

I created a process "MyNameAge" and two Web Dynpro components "FilMyNameAgeComp" and "DisplayMyNameAgeComp".

I added both to the public part "API".

I built the UI component (though I forgot on which point) successfully.

I referenced the WD-DC as a dependency to the process DC.

I created two tasks "FillMaNameAge" and "DisplayMyNameAge" in the process.

The problem:

In the task editor I wanted to assign a user interface to the task. I pressed "Choose...", then selected "Online Technologies", in the next page selected "Web Dynpro Java), checked "Show supported components only" and pressed "Search".

No UI component was found. Though I didn't forget any step of the manual.

My solution:

I found the problem was that I actually had altered something small in the WD components. Thus in the "Component Browser" on my Ui project there was a little * on it, which means "modyfied locally, rebuild needed".

Then I right-clicked on my UI-component and selected "Sync/Create Project" --> "Sync Used DCs" . After it was done the * vanished and I could choose the UI components in the task editor.

I hope this will help others, too.