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Aug 09, 2012 at 08:30 AM

Doubt About WM & SCM


Hi Friends,

I am a SAP MM consulatant,

I am Planning to learn SAP WM module..

So i have serrached in Google about the material to be study for WM knowledge,

I have found that i have to study below books:-

SCM601 (Processes in Logistic Execution),

SCM610 (Delivery Processes),

SCM611 (Transportation),

SCM630 (Basic Proc. in Warehouse Mgt),

SCM631 (Add. Topics in Warehouse Mngt.),

But i feel that this books related to SCM(Supply Chain Module)..

Pls correct if i am wrong...

I hope WM is part of SCM,so i want to learn only WM means,whic books should i read?


If i read all the above books properly & prcatice properly,i cam become SCM consultant?

is this the books available for SCM consultant?

Pls explain me to understand the things clearly...

Regards:::Sankar D