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Aug 09, 2012 at 07:55 AM

HCM Forms and processes - Effort estimation of the requirements !


Hi Experts on HCM F&P,

I have following queries on HCM forms and processes.


I understand that HCM F&P is both functional and technical ( majority of the work being technical here). But where do we draw a line as to what part of work is a functional activity and what is technical activity. For technical I do understand the form desig, workflow development is all technical. But however i am not able to understand what is the part of work on HCM F&P is to be classified as functional.


When we get new customer projects how do we go ahead estimating the timelines for Functional consultant and Technical consultant. Fairly clear for technical that the timelines for designing the form with all needed logic in custom generic service and for the workflow development. But unable to really understand that activity that needs to be classified as purely functional activity and the timelines needed for this role.

I am very much interested to understand estimation on the functional side. Estimatation if there are standard processes to be enabled and implemented. And also if there are customer specific new processes needed. Estimation for the Blueprinting and Realizaiton needs to be understood for this.

I am looking at the parameters that needs to be considered here for estimating.

It would be greatfull if someone can give hints on this.

Note:Points would be given considering each as a separate question.

Best regards,