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Former Member
Jan 02, 2017 at 06:28 PM

Can't connect to HXE after all being ok



I installed the HXE 2.0 and all worked ok. I was able to to connect to it from Eclipse with all the services up and running. After my computer went to the sleep mode and after I woke it up, I can't access the HXE anymore. The HXE itself is fine in the VM and all the services are ok. I tried restarting it, but it didn't help. I restarted Eclipse, but it didn't help either. I tried to connect the VM with putty, but couldn't. I followed one of the SAP Academy videos and enabled the static IP, so I don't need to change it every time I use HANA. I put it back to the Dynamic mode, but it didn't help.

Any idea how to correct it and what is causing the issue?