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Aug 09, 2012 at 01:13 AM

Value got truncated while moving it from dynamic structure to dynamic table


Dear Experts,

I have dynamic structure and a dynamic table.

FIELD-SYMBOLS : <fs_range> TYPE index table,
<fs_wa> TYPE ANY.

DATA : r_range TYPE REF TO data,

*Static Structure

DATA : BEGIN OF rr_log ,

sign TYPE bapisign,

option TYPE bapioption,

low TYPE acc_stddest, "Char 45

high TYPE acc_stddest," Char 45

END OF rr_log.

LOOP AT lt_variant INTO ls_variant.

* Get range table of S_matnr
r_range = wd_this->M_HANDLER->get_range_table_of_sel_field( lv_id ).
ASSIGN r_range->* TO <fs_range>.

rr_log-sign = ls_variant-sign.
rr_log-option = ls_variant-opt.
rr_log-low = ls_variant-low.
rr_log-high = ls_variant-high.

ASSIGN rr_log TO <fs_wa>.

APPEND <fs_wa> TO <fs_range>.

" <FS_WA> has all the value i.e. low & high but while appending it to <FS_RANGE>, value for HIGH is getting truncated because <FS_WA>-LOW & <FS_WA>-HIGH is of CHAR45 and RANGE TABLE for MATNR i.e. <FS_RANGE>-LOW & <FS_RANGE>-HIGH is of CHAR18,


Please help me in fixing this.

Best Regards,