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Aug 08, 2012 at 08:59 PM

File based scheduling questions


Hi All,

Can someone please help us to answer our below query?

1- What is the default frequency with which Event Server checks for the file events? We have requirement to setup this value to 20 mins, is it possible? As per my knowledge there is something called "Event Poll Interval" which can have value b/w 0 secs to 20 secs. We want to know if we can have it as 20 mins or not. If not than why? Is it something like having higher value is not going to server our purpose?

2- Suppose we scheduled a report with file based scheduling and the file is not getting placed in the server at all. In that case till what time the schedule will be active? Is it 24 hours? or it is based on some other parameters? Is it possible to get this value changed?

3- If the 1 st point is not possible i.e. we cannot have 20 mins of frequency in that case of Event server will be engaged in looking for the file. So what will be the impact on the server?

Please help me with these answers.