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Aug 08, 2012 at 07:07 PM

Possible RMA Process Improvement?


Hello All,

A followup to my question of a couple of days ago, as it appears what we wanted to try will not work. I'm trying to find out if there are other ways to do our RMA process.

For our warranty RMA process we use an RE type sales order to receive assembly returned from the customer (and issue a credit to the customer) then we use a reship order (we cloned OR and created a ZRMA reship order) created with reference to the RE order to ship the assembly back to the customer and then invoice them for the assembly.

Does anyone have a different process that they use at their company to receive returned product from their customer and then ship it back to them?

Two drawbacks we have with our process:

We have to enter 2 sales orders into SAP. One for the return, one for the reship.

Because we create the reship order with reference to the returns order, SAP does not allow us to change the material number of the assembly. (sometimes we receive in one material number and ship out another higher revision level).

Because we give credit to the customer for the return and then re-bill the customer for the re-ship, we cannot do this on one sales order, I've found.

I'm just trying to get some ideas as to some other processes possible or some changes we could perhaps make.