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Homogenous Copy Fails

I am copying my erp6.0 EHP4 system to a different server in order to stand up a sandbox for a PLM implementation. Following the steps outlined in the netweaver 7.0 SR3 system copy guide I can proceed fine until the DB Restore step. At this point SAPINST opens a dialogue box that prompts the user to select ok when the db recovery has been completed.  Following sapnote 1003028, which is listed as the relevant note in the copy guide, I use BRRecover to restore the DB completely. When you select ok in the SAPINST dialogue box after DB recovery is complete SAPINST attempts to repeat the database recovery process starting with creating a new DB by running control.sql again. Repeating these steps causes the db to become corrupted and unusable and replaces the init and spfile's with new ones and attempts to create the DB again.  The questions are.

1. Should I just use brrestore to copy the files to the correct places then select OK and let SAPINST perform the recovery of the DB itself.

2. Should follow sapnote 1003028 and use BRRecover to recover the DB completely I am copying the DB tools from the source system in order for brrecover to run correctly.  Is there a way to make SAPINST realize that the DB recovery is completed and it can move on?

Below are the relevant CD's used in the system copy

  oracle 10.2 64-bit oracle 10.2 32 bit client number 51033272

  sap netweaver 7.0 SR3Kernel number 51033508_7

  SAP Installation Master Netweaver 7.0 SR3bs2005 SR3oracle 11.2number 51040125_11

Oracle DB version is OS is windows 2008 R2 source and target are exactly the same

I have a team of consultants coming for a PLM project that are due to start on this system on Monday so I would like to get some input from members if possible.

Thank You


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    Aug 09, 2012 at 07:35 AM

    Hi Troy,

    Just do the restore. Let SAPinst do recovery. That is what pop up also asks to do " Just Restore" and not "Recovery also ".

    However if you want to do recovery manually you can do that. In that case CONTROL.SQL can't be the regular one.

    Remove everything from CONTROL.SQL (in the installation direcotry) and just keep one like : "STARTUP"

    In that case it won't again attempt a recovery once manually done by you.



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    • Richit

      That is what I wanted to know, thank you Ruchit. I opted for the just restore and not recover and except for issues with the dreaded homogenous database startup error every went as fine as any SAP process can be expected.  The SAPNOTE just does not make it clear that it is and either or type of situation. Thanks for the help I will mark your answer correct.