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Aug 08, 2012 at 12:43 PM

Excise Depot Invoice Billing



As per my clinet requirement, i did depot exicse for a material with excise and without excise with different tax code. if i process for the same material in sale side,

in sales order, it pickups the tax rate from J1ID with material and chapter ID combination,

as Ed : 12 %

Cess : 2 %

Echess : 1 %

so its calculate it automatically as per exciseed material, but if i post non excise material( same material ) the excise calculation is coming.

For Eg:

Material Vendor Tax code Purchase ED Sales ED J1IJ VF01

XX 10 EX 12.36 % 12.36 % 12.36 12.36

XX 20 E0 0 % 12.36 % 0 12.36

here the E0 Tax code is non excise , so Ed will not calculate in purchase, but in sale i have pricing procedure, how can i differenciatein sale order like purchase order. after VL01N only we are doing J1IJ, so in sales order is ther any chance to check which material we are going to pick or in VF01 , is ther anyting to relate with J1IJ pricing to calculate and remove the Ed caluclation in sale order ?

Kindly plz explain immediatelly.