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Aug 08, 2012 at 11:48 AM

Control-processing and Cumulative values in Internal tables and ALV grid


I have a report requirement that says, on a given billing date, check if a customer has brought the same material more than once and that to from the same batch. If yes, the quantity should be summed up together. How do I display the calculated value in an ALV grid report?

This is the part where I'm being stuck; I don't where I've made a mistake since no errors come. Can anyone help me?

LOOP AT lt_final INTO wa_final.

wa_display-fkdat = wa_final-fkdat.

AT NEW chkcharg.



wa_display-kunrg = wa_final-kunrg.

wa_display-fkart = wa_final-fkart.

wa_display-matnr = wa_final-matnr.

wa_display-fkimg = wa_final-fkimg.

wa_display-bonusunit1 = wa_final-bonusunit1.

wa_display-billedqty1 = wa_final-billedqty1.

wa_display-chkcharg = wa_final-chkcharg.

wa_display-chkvfdat = wa_final-chkvfdat.

wa_display-preis = wa_final-preis.

wa_display-bwaer = wa_final-bwaer.

wa_display-dcode = 189010.

CONCATENATE sy-datum+6(2) '/' sy-datum+4(2) '/' sy-datum+0(4) INTO wa_display-sourceext.

APPEND wa_display TO lt_display.

CLEAR wa_display.


Thank you for your time.