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Aug 08, 2012 at 09:16 AM

Excel Upload Plan values for Profit Center (New GL activated)


Hi All,

I have created a layout using T.code-FAGLPLI and then assigned it to the planner profile in T.code-GLPLADM for excel upload of Plan values for Profit Centers (New GL activated). Now, I am trying to upload the Excel using T.code GLPLUP but getting an error:

Internal error: Function module PCA_PP_GET_INFO was called up incorrectly

Message no. KM340


Function module PCA_PP_GET_INFO was called up incorrectly: Wrong transaction code

The client does Profit Center planning using T.code GP12N and view plan documents using T.code FAGLP03 but when we upload the plan data using excel with T.code 7KEX (created layout in 7KEA and assigned to Planner profile in KP34PC) the plan values doesn't get populate in FAGLP03 and neither in reports S_E38_98000088 - Profit Center Group: Plan/Actual/Variance , S_E38_98000089 - Profit Center Group: Plan/Plan/Actual.

We don't want to use the classical report for Profit Centers under Controlling. We want to use the Profit Center Accounting reports under Easy Menu>>>FA>>>General Ledger>>>Information System>>>Reports for Profit Center Accounting....

Please help me in using the Excel Upload feature for Profit Center.....