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Aug 08, 2012 at 08:34 AM

random 401 unauthorized from Adapter Framework



I am working on PI 7.1 SP12.

We are facing an issue in our QA box, where under some load the messages are failing when trying to be sent from IE to AE for delivering to the target system. The adapter engine is responding with "401 Unauthorized" error, however if we restart some messages they got processed successfully. If I restart many at the same time, some are processed, many other get stuck again.

In the Java log I found many of entries like this:


User: N/A

Authentication Stack:*MessagingSystem

Login Module Flag Initialize Login Commit Abort Details

1. SUFFICIENT ok exception true Received no SAP Authentication Assertion Ticket.

2. SUFFICIENT ok false true

3. REQUISITE ok exception true Could not verify password for user UACC.R3_DATASOURCE.PIIS_PSQ

the user itself is ok, as other attemps using the same userID work fine.

I checked the connection UMEBackendConnection, and I increased the MaxConnections and PoolSize parameters, but no effect was observed.

I suspect the system is running out of some resources (connections for example) at some point, but I couldnt find were. Any idea what else can I check?