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Aug 08, 2012 at 08:29 AM

Time Evaluation related issue


Dear All,

Now I'm working on the client requirement i.e. the total number of quota in financial year is 31 days. For 1st 11 months the quota accrual is 2.5 days per month and for month of march it will be 3.5 days. I did the configuration in Dev server and it's working fine only issue is with the rounding rule.I tested the scenario from 1st Apr. 2012 to 31st Mar. 2013.My Dev. server is not refresh with PRD since Jun. 2011.But last week DEV server got refreshed with PRD server.In PRD User manually maintaining the Abs. quota.The Abs. type is 20 and mine Abs. type is 22. With all the same configuration, in time evaluation Abkownti is reading only 20 Abs. type.

Should I test the scenario with 1st Apr. 2013?

Plz guide..