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Aug 08, 2012 at 06:19 AM

Problem in passing table properties.


Hello experts,

I want to create a new table i.e. i have an old table ZDBTAB1 and i want to rename it to ZDBTAB2 and am doing so by passing all the properties of old table ZDBTAB1 to the new table ZDBTAB2.

Using fm 'DD_TABL_GET', am getting the technical properties and fields of ZDBTAB1.

Using fm 'DD_TABL_PUT', am creating the new table with the same technical properties and fields as of ZDBTAB1.

Now my problem is that after it the technical properties which is being passed to the new table ZDBTAB2 is not being reflected there. That is if you go to SE11 and see the tech prop of ZDBTAB2, it is not there. So due to this (may be) if i use 'WHERE USED FUCNTIONALITY' on ZDBTAB2 then it will not be able to search.

Please suggest.


Ankur Sharma.