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Aug 07, 2012 at 05:52 PM

Modify label of standard button "Approve" at runtime


Dear all,

As part of functional requirements to be implemented under SAP Sourcing, following logic has been requested:

During a project approval flow, if the current approval level is NOT the last one, label of standard approval button should be changed from "Approve" to "Approve and Forward it".

Due to this change needs to be done at runtime, I guess it needs to be done using scripts. However, I've been reading some SAP Sourcing scripting docs, and I've found the following:

What is not possible in Scripting?

  • Customizing the appearance of a document
    • Scripting does not allow you to hide/show fields, for example, based on some condition

Does it means it is not possible to cover requirement describe above?

If is not possible to do it via scripts, could it be possible to be done using any kind of page customization?

But if it can be done using scripts, could you please support me in that task with some documents, code examples or whatever?

Thanks in advance and best regards,