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Aug 07, 2012 at 12:26 PM

Need help on Multiprovider


Hi All,

I am using a multiprovider based on 2 Cubes (Cube 1 and Cube 2)

Info Objects in Cube 1 :
Sales Doc Number
Date of Sale
Product ID
Discount (Keyfigure)

Info objects in Cube 2 :
Sales Doc Number
Customer ID
Count (Keyfigure)

Step 1
In my report i am trying display the following fields attached in the screenshot.

In the attachment, CustomerID is displaying as #. (File : 1.jpg)

Steps i have done.
In the keyfigure Discount, I have added Customer ID and make it as Constant selection but still, the Customer ID is showing as #.

Step 2 :
In my report i have added the keyfigure "Count" which is coming from Cube 2. I have attached the screenshot after adding the keyfigure "Count" (File : 2.jpg)

There are some limitations in multiprovider that we cannot view 2 cubes of keyfigure data in Multiprovider. Pls correct me if i am wrong.

Can you guide me how to rectify this issue.



1.jpg (89.9 kB)
2.jpg (80.6 kB)