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Aug 06, 2012 at 07:22 PM

Submit of FBL1N RFITEMAP with dynamic field problem


Hello gurus,

I am trying to submit the report FBL1N from one of my custom reports, one of the parameters i need is dynamic, the Gl Account number HKONT field of BSIK, as this field is part of the document in the Dynamic field i implement FREE SELECTIONS followed all the steps but i have a problem, the parameters are sent but the report display the message : No items selected ( see long text), just when i add VIA SELECTION-SCREEN and then click the dynamic button, then the multiple selection, and range tab and press the button copy (F8) the dynamic selection works, so i think my code is sending the parameters but not activating the dynamic selections, please help me i have one week working on this, thanks in advance, next my code:

**************************************** DYNAMIC SELECTION***************************************    trange_frange_t_selopt_t_line-SIGN = 'I'.    trange_frange_t_selopt_t_line-OPTION = 'BT'.    trange_frange_t_selopt_t_line-LOW = ZZHKONT_L.    trange_frange_t_selopt_t_line-HIGH = ZZHKONT_H.    APPEND trange_frange_t_selopt_t_line TO trange_frange_t_line-selopt_t.    trange_frange_t_line-fieldname = 'HKONT'.     APPEND trange_frange_t_line TO trange_line-frange_t.    trange_line-TABLENAME = 'BSIK'.     APPEND trange_line TO trange.    CALL FUNCTION 'FREE_SELECTIONS_RANGE_2_EX'    EXPORTING    FIELD_RANGES = trange    IMPORTING    EXPRESSIONS = TEXPR.    SUBMIT RFITEMAP VIA SELECTION-SCREEN    WITH KD_BUKRS-LOW  = '1000'    WITH X_OPSEL EQ ' '    WITH X_CLSEL EQ ' '    WITH X_AISEL EQ 'X'    WITH X_NORM EQ 'X'    WITH X_SHBV EQ 'X'    WITH FREE SELECTIONS texpr    AND RETURN.