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Aug 06, 2012 at 08:00 PM

Problem Load Infocube 0sd_c01


Hi Friends,

I have this error, at moment load infocube.

I'm a load full this cube, the cube is load, but the request remains with status yellow.

I refresh,refresh,refresh and continue the problem.

Performing check and potential update for status control table

Message no. RSM1490


If data is loaded into an InfoCube, or existing data is edited (aggregated/compressed/deleted/got from a DataMart), then there is a change in the potential reportability of the data , or the possibility of deleting data by request, or of aggregating or compressing.

This status of each one of these Cubes is stored in a status table, that is updated when there is any change to the status of a request in the Cube.

The system now analyzes the requests in the Cube and compares the calculated status with the status table.

If deviations from the status table arise then you are given the option of adjusting the status table.

System Response Procedure Procedure for System Administration

I need your help