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Aug 06, 2012 at 06:39 PM

Badi BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER implementation is not getting triggered when returning to SC from OCI catalog


Hello All,

We have implemented custom webdynpro application (OCI Catalog) for SRM Shopping Cart. We have mapped all the fields to URL. Please see the below code.


'&NEW_ITEM-DESCRIPTION' '[' lv_sline ']=' ls_item_tab-description

'&NEW_ITEM-MATGROUP' '[' lv_sline ']=' ls_item_tab-matgroup

'&NEW_ITEM-QUANTITY' '[' lv_sline ']=' lv_qty

'&NEW_ITEM-UNIT' '[' lv_sline ']=' ls_item_tab-uom

'&NEW_ITEM-PRICE' '[' lv_sline ']=' lv_price

'&NEW_ITEM-CUST_FIELD1' '[' lv_sline ']=' ls_item_tab-delivery_date

'&NEW_ITEM-CUST_FIELD2' '[' lv_sline ']=' ls_item_tab-delivery_addr

'&NEW_ITEM-CUST_FIELD3' '[' lv_sline ']=' ls_item_tab-g_l_acct

'&NEW_ITEM-CUST_FIELD4' '[' lv_sline ']=' ls_item_tab-acc_cat

'&NEW_ITEM-CUST_FIELD5' '[' lv_sline ']=' ls_item_tab-wbs_cc

'&NEW_ITEM-VENDOR' '[' lv_sline ']=' ls_item_tab-vendor

" Product ID /Material Number

'&NEW_ITEM-MATNR' '[' lv_sline ']=' ls_item_tab-matnr

" Supplier Product Number

'&NEW_ITEM-MANUFACTMAT' '[' lv_sline ']=' ls_item_tab-partner_prod

INTO lv_params.

CONCATENATE wd_this->url lv_params INTO wd_this->url.

Once we pass all the required values to tht URL. it should call the BADI BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER implementation to map the values to Shopping cart screen. but somehow BADI is not getting triggered when returning to Shopping Cart screen and values are not being passed to Shopping cart.

Can anyone please give us your suggestions.