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Aug 06, 2012 at 06:09 PM

Personnel Administration


Hi SAP Guru's

I got a requirement from client few days back creating new three personnel areas for their system which is south africa..

i have created all the personnel areas and related assignment successfully.they able to hire person ,they run payroll successfully.

But they are receiving an error while generating UIF declarations for south Africa for an employee who belongs to new personnel area i created.

They are getting an error exactly "No employees have been selected for UIF declaration generation"

They are using the transaction code


I have looked in to almost all the tables. but still i dont know where am i missing the configuration to get this done. UIF declaration is not getting generated.

Could anyone help me please what should i do to get this done.? am i missing any master data or any standard table configuration.

Please help me to resolve. Could you people please explain bit elaborately what i am missing

Thanks in advance