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Aug 06, 2012 at 04:53 PM

Update Customer & Vendor Contact Person


Good afternoon everyone,

I have the following problem, if anyone has a solution will be very grateful, follows:

I am doing an RFC (the MDM is all ready) to update all Customer data (XD02) and Vendors (XK02).

The basic part of addresses and communication (street number, name, phone, email, everything is OK!) But when I get in the process of updating the contact person is cluttering the screen first addresses basic ... The FM used to update the contact person are as follows:


BAPI_ADDRESSCONTPART_GETDETAIL (read data from existing contacts to see if it's Update, Insert or Delete)

BAPI_ADDRESSCONTPART_CHANGE (performs the necessary modifications)

The problem is as follows,

If I dont Using the FM <SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL> it updates the contact person, but only in view (if I modify it takes the old value of KNVK because this BAPI is not maintaining it, so it uses the FM <SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL >).

If I use the FM <SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL> the process mess the first screen because this FM forced to spend the structure of my customer, but in KNA1, we do not have fields EX.: HOUSE_NO, SEARCH TERM2 .. ETC ... so he concatenates the address and house number in the same field .... I even passing the parameter (I_MAINTAIN_ADDRESS_BY_KNA1) blank for the function ...

Does anyone have a solution for this?