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Aug 06, 2012 at 01:15 PM

Cube Not Seeing Data in E Table


I have a custom cube named ZHR_C01. The data in the cube got deleted. I attempted to reload from the source system, however much of the data is no longer in the source system.

I have a backup of the cube that has the data prior to deletion. Our BASIS guy restored the data in the following tables at the database level:

/BIC/DZHR_C01P (Packets)

/BIC/DZHR_C01T (Time)

/BIC/DZHR_C01U (Units)

/BIC/EZHR_C01 (Compressed facts)

/BIC/FZHR_C01 (facts)

He did this by dropping the data that was in these tables and inserting the records from the backup.

Now I have 2 issues:

1. When I context menu / Manage the cube in RSA1, it displays the requests in the cube from my attempts to reload. Not the requests that are actually there from the restoration.

2. As part of that, it does not show any of the compressed requests in context menu / Manage, even though the records in the E table are present.

When I query the cube, I get the correct data returned as long as I limit my request for data that is in the F table. But if I include a selection that should pull from the E table, I get no data back.

Does anyone know where the context menu / Manage list of requests are stored? Any way I can nudge the cube to look in its E table in addition to its F table?

I've run the cube-relevant RSRV tests, and the system seems happy with the cube.

Thank you for any help or suggestions,