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Jan 02, 2017 at 02:28 PM

Characteristic relationship two aggregation levels



I have two planning scenarios in BI-IP

First scenario where input should be performed on cost centers.

Second scenario where input should NOT be allowed on cost center, but cost center should be derived from another characteristic

First I defined two aggregation levels on top of the real time cube. One with cost center and the other without cost center characteristic.

Then I added a Characteristic Relationship with derivation of type Exit on the cube. The Derive method have some simple logic to look up costcenter from a table based on the source characteristic. This derivation works fine for the second scenario.

But the first scenario do not work as expected. I cannot freely input on any cost center, but can only input on the one from the logic.

Error (RSPLS_CR-016) - Derived characteristic overwritten again.

Is it possible to handle such scenarios in combination towards the same infocube? I have not altered the default check method.


Ørnulf Andresen