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Aug 06, 2012 at 11:10 AM

CMD_EI_API:Error in Mandatory Partner Role in customer master creation



I need to create a customer using this class(CMD_EI_API)method(MAINTAIN_DIRECT_INPUT).

I am getting this error when I pass all the mandatory data "Customer 600205: Mandatory partner role is missing for sales area GVR GV GV".

If i enter partner functions,I am getting this same error.Am I missing any fields?Kindly suggest me.

I have gone thro this thread( which describes exactly about my issue,the solution provided there is to implement a Note.When I tried implementing the note in my system,I got an error message,stating system is already configured with advanced note (SAPKH60504).

Kindly suggest me how to overcome this issue.


screen1.png (44.0 kB)
screen.jpg (164.0 kB)