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Aug 06, 2012 at 07:58 AM

EWM - Automatic warehouse request deletion in ID


Hi guys,

I hope you have a solution for this given issue. I have an ID for Kit to Stock and upon activation from IDR the ID tries to create a WT for the inbound of the kit. Now, all is well except the fact that the picking of the components has not yet been made and still the ID tries to process a Warehouse Request for the inbound of the kit. It generates the error message:

Goods receipt not yet posted - nevertheless, source bin = destination bin

Message no. /SCWM/PUT_BIN_DET077

Ok, so when the picking of the components is done and the VAS order is generated and completed the system automatically creates the putaway task for the kit (given the Auto mark in the POSC for inbound).

The problem is that the open warehouse request is still open in the ID after the putaway is done and so the message is being processed again and again the in the inbound Queue with the above error message. I would expect that the system should automatically delete the warehouse request after the ID Putaway status is "Completed". Can anyone tell me how to configure this situation in such a way as not to flood the SMQ2 with the message from above?

I tried to change the POSC as not to create a warehouse request anymore but then it doesn't create the putaway task after the kit is done in the Kitting Work Center. So I am stuck with an unnecessary warehouse request which the system tries and tries to process in the ID.

Thanks in advance,

Claudiu Maxim