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Aug 06, 2012 at 06:46 AM

Partial Quantity PR for Material / Services


I have created a project in CJ20N with WBS and Network (Activity Assigned). I have planned some materials and services in the project using CJ20N. The materials are planned using item cat L, valuated project stock and PReq + Reservation for WBS element and the Services are planned using the external activity with (Service checked).

Both the materials and services have Reservation/Purchase Requisition (Proc Param) set to Never. The logic is to release the project without generating the PRs. Whenever I need the PR for materials and services, I just set the Reservation/Purchase Requisition (Proc Param) to Immediately.

However, the system generates the PR for the complete quantity of materials planned and full specifications of services. In my scenario, I want to raise the PR for partial quantity.

I have also gone through the ProMan (CNMM) but the results are the same.

Any suggestions for generating the PR with desired quantity of material / service specs without modifying the project plan.



P.S. I am not using the MRP