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Aug 06, 2012 at 05:09 AM

Elseif in Webi


while creating a report in Webi , i am using a cross table and i want to calculate total for some dimension values.

For this i have created a dimension using the IF function.

Like: If([Dimension]="10" Or [Dimension]="30" )Then "10/30" Else "15/20" . This is working fine.

But when i include total also in it , it does not give the value of total

like : If([Dimension]="10" Or [Dimension]="30")Then "10/30"

ElseIf ([Dimension]="15" Or [Dimension]="20") Then "15/20"

ElseIf([Dimension]="10" Or [Dimension]="30" Or [Dimension]="15" Or [Dimension]="20") Then "Total"

10/30, 15/20 are comming but Total is not comming,

Any idea or any other alternative.

Thanks in advance..